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A Message from the Director, December 2014

Mr. Pissanu Daengprasert
NPD & OEM Director

     “Welcome Customers, Partners and visitors to pharmaceutical company’s factory website.  JSP PHARMACEUTICAL MANUFACTURING (THAILAND) PUBLIC COMPANY LIMITED has been around for 10 years and our parent company, Cox Laboratories (Thailand) Ltd., Part., has been in business for the last 38 years with experience in pharmaceutical and herbal supplements.  We have a strong team, with the ability to produce quality products to market. With a production of more than 500 SKU we can also focus and provide One Stop Service production under license by brand owners. The quality and production of which is under direct supervision by specialist.

At Cox Laboratories (Thailand) Ltd., Part., and JSP PHARMACEUTICAL MANUFACTURING (THAILAND) PUBLIC COMPANY LIMITED we are constantly developing new formulas. Up to now, we have registered nearly one hundred new modern medicines.

Formulas have been developed by the research team then joined by the marketing team and clients. We do this by getting together and consulting with our clients on all products manufactured for them. The, JSP PHARMACEUTICAL MANUFACTURING (THAILAND) PUBLIC COMPANY LIMITED team is very experienced and have learned many things in the past to help support the success of our customers, in every product that we have planned. You can expect expert consulting advice based on the experience of our team at JSP PHARMACEUTICAL MANUFACTURING (THAILAND) PUBLIC COMPANY LIMITED

In 2004 COX Laboratories (Thailand) Co., Ltd., expanded and established JSP PHARMACEUTICAL MANUFACTURING (THAILAND) PUBLIC COMPANY LIMITED  due in part to the confidence and trust of its partners.  Customer and supplier confidence in JSP PHARMACEUTICAL MANUFACTURING (THAILAND) PUBLIC COMPANY LIMITED  has allowed it to continue to expand its market.  JSP PHARMACEUTICAL MANUFACTURING (THAILAND) PUBLIC COMPANY LIMITED  created a Lamphun branch that has a capacity that is five times that of the Bangkok branch.  Fully functional and open, JSP PHARMACEUTICAL MANUFACTURING (THAILAND) PUBLIC COMPANY LIMITED located 20 minutes from the Changmai International airport you can easily visit the company. 

We are a subsidiary of Prima Foods Supply Co., Ltd., Located in Bang Bua Thong district, Nonthaburi.  This company produces various types of health drinks.  The company has a place for production and storage, with a production capacity of over one million bottles per month.  can produce bottles that contain aluminum screw caps, lids and twist-off lug-caps can also be produced for packaged foods such as dried fruit, and other things such as cream emulsions and mayonnaise. 



     A9 Bio Co., Ltd., was established in 2011, The continued development of such supplements as Liquid-Capsule name ZILCAP™.  The company has also partnered with various institutions in the research and development of nutritional supplements and oil capsules.  And many other types that are registered with the Food and Drug Administration.



     Research and development are key to having products with increased value and strength in driving the economy in the future.  Our affiliate CDIP (Thailand) Co., Ltd., established in 2010 and located on the campus of the Thailand Science Park, Thammasat University, has been performing well and has expanded from a 100 square meters single room to an area of over 350 square meters and a staff of over 40 researchers.  They have a pilot plant, a R&D lab with lab analysis, they have been visited by representatives from over 6 countries this year, and this represents a small portion of Thailand’s research and development of health products.  CDIP (Thailand) Co., Ltd., acts to develop new formulas, new materials and technologies, thereby bringing new nutrients into the body.  Working in partnership with universities they have already filed patents such as FilmTech, GEN-Tech, and CG3.  Working with the Naresuan University, Thonburi University and Rangsit University to encourage research into commercial applications.  In this year CDIP (Thailand) Co., Ltd., were awarded the Rising Star 6th SME’s National Awards, which was organized by the Office of Small and Medium Enterprises Promotion. Research confirms that the path company has embarked on has helped to support the country’s research in the health sector as well.  CDIP (Thailand) Co., Ltd., has been developing formulas, registering them with the Food and Drug Administration, patented and manufactured by a contract manufacturer with factories that are both affiliated and non-affiliated.  The selection of manufacturers that can manufacture innovative products may require the use of special tools and special devices, CDIP (Thailand) Co., Ltd., operates a network of more than five manufacturers, so customers can be assured that they will receive comprehensive services from CDIP (Thailand) Co., Ltd.”


About Us

            JSP PHARMACEUTICAL MANUFACTURING (THAILAND) PUBLIC COMPANY LIMITED was registered on November 15, 2005 with a starting capital of one million baht, operating in the manufacture and distribution of modern medicine, traditional medicine and food supplements.  With contract manufacturing services according to GMP standards by expanding the COX Laboratories (Thailand) Ltd., Part., a manufacturer of modern medicine and traditional medicine.  Under COX Laboratories (Thailand) Ltd., Part., which has operated for more than 30 years, with more than 80 types of products distributed both domestically and abroad.

            The purpose of establishing JSP PHARMACEUTICAL MANUFACTURING (THAILAND) PUBLIC COMPANY LIMITED was to support the measures of the Ministry of Health.  New standards were adopted in 2009, the GMP (PIC/s) which is used to compete globally.  The company sees opportunities for future growth of the pharmaceutical market in Thailand.  The standard of services which was adopted has been recognized by many countries now.   For this reason, the company is providing production services for those with a market share, with a brand but do not want to build a manufacturing plant, which would require a much higher cost.

            The company also has opened a new department for food and traditional medicine. Accepting the way of life of a new group of customers that are health conscious. Focusing on prevention rather than curing group therapy, by using alternative medicine. Also for customers who care about improving the shape of their bodies and complexion of their skin.




 In the past and in the present

Cox Laboratories (Thailand) Ltd., Part., founded in 1976 by Mr. Kamhang Deangprasert, to compete in the industry of production and distribution of medicine.  With more than 38 years of experience with the implementation and a full-fledged field of pharmaceutical manufacturing experience.  COX Laboratories (Thailand) Ltd., Part., produces quality medicine sold to foreign countries such as Hong Kong, Singapore, Myanmar, Laos, Vietnam and many others.

In 2005, with the growth of business and the expansion of the supplement market we established JSP PHARMACEUTICAL MANUFACTURING (THAILAND) PUBLIC COMPANY LIMITED as a supplement producer focusing on manufacturing.


Founded in 2010 CDIP (Thailand) CD., Ltd., with the intent of pharmaceutical research and development and formulating growth supplements.  Located within Thammasat University Science Park, it was possible to expand and focus on its research and development, which is home to the best research and development teams in Thailand.

In 2011 JSP PHARMACEUTICAL MANUFACTURING (THAILAND) PUBLIC COMPANY LIMITED Lamphun branch was created to meet the needs of food production of customers brand’s (Own Brand) or manufacturing (OEM) to support the growth of the market.  The healthcare industry has a very high potential for growth.



     Our group of companies we are able to be very flexible in how we do healthcare business.  We work with clients, who wish to have products under their own brand and also those who wish to use our brands. We are growing business by seeking new customers who supply products in our field of supplements, health care and offer OEM (one stop service for health care products).  Our variety of medicine, traditional medicine and dietary products is attracting a lot of attention both globally and domestically as people become more and more health conscious. 



Be ranked in the top 5 food companies in Thailand


Work faster and fill customer’s needs.


Our Aims

  • Quick response to customer’s 
  • Reasonably priced products
  • Very high quality to the GMP standard
  • Solution solving for our customers 
  • Provide an excellent all round service to our customers.


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